new patients welcome  Lincoln, NE

The Cooksley Family Chiropractic & Wellness atmosphere will make you feel right at home the moment you walk in our door. It’s a family-friendly place with plenty of toys for your children to play with. Our team is warm and welcoming, and looks forward to meeting you!

Your first two visits will be longer in duration, taking 45-60 minutes each.

The First Day

When you arrive, you’ll meet with Dr. Aaron to talk about your history and current health concerns. We’ll then perform a thorough examination, including X-rays. This visit is all about gathering the information necessary to understand how best to help you.

The Second Day

When you return, you’ll receive a full report of Dr. Aaron’s findings. He’ll present the results of your first appointment and a plan of action for your case. You’ll get our best recommendations on getting better as quickly as possible, and Dr. Aaron will also give you your first chiropractic adjustment during this appointment. Then, you’ll be on your way!

Regular Appointments

At your follow-ups, you can change into a gown so that Dr. Aaron can take a look at your spine, running the Nervo-Scope® around it to identify any potential problem areas. You’ll be adjusted and on your way in about 10-15 minutes.

Progress examinations are done at regular intervals to assess your condition. Most of our patients choose to stay under long-term care after their issue is resolved. Much like going to the gym, you can’t go to the chiropractor once and expect to stay healthy. If you value your health, you have to put time and energy into maintaining it.

Gaining an Education in Health

We focus on educating our patients so that they’re equipped to make the best decisions about their health. In addition to educational materials around our office, we hold health care classes regularly to discuss chiropractic and what it can do for you. Talks are also held in the practice on various topics.

Become a Patient Today!

On-site X-ray facilities keep our new patient process efficient, getting you the precise care you need. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Aaron today!